We have been on your side for more than 10 years known as PragMatic and GastroPress brands.
We teach you how to communicate your wines and start effective marketing.
We are your wine law consultants, registrators, attorneys.
We host your homepages and e-mail boxes.
We take pictures of your wines in our photo studio and write a sensorial description that will attract the attention of consumers.
We communicate with the organizers of the world’s leading competitions and organize participation of your wines there, including applications, administration, collecting your wines in selected collection points. We take care of proper packaging, marking with compulsory inscriptions and stamps. We are organizing consolidated transport, handling, and customs clearance.
We distribute your diplomas, certificates, cups, and medals.
We are partners of organizers of international competitions on all continents and create conditions for the acquisition of participating wines.

We are Wine Supporters. We take care.

You have more time to create your nice wines.

Dr. Luboš Bárta, MBA Iva Bárta Kováříková